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Ever had a gut feeling? The Digestive system is responsible for the whole process of food consumption. From the actual drive and desire to eat, good digestion and timely and efficient excretion. Conditions such as IBS which is believed to effect up to 20% of the UK population play havoc with the digestive system. Symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation, loose and urgent bowels.  More milder issues such as feeling bloated and/or craving sweet things after eating to having energy slumps into the afternoon. We can tailor a programme to suit your needs to get your digestive system back to its best no matter how severe or mild your symptoms are. Click below to get things started.

More and more people in our culture suffer in silence with stress, anxiety and depression. According to Anxiety UK, there are more than 6 million people in the UK who have been surveyed with depression and or anxiety, which equates to a whopping 10% of the population. The current line of treatment from the NHS for those with anxiety or depression in the UK is primarily antidepressants. The side effects from these types of medication can include: feeling agitated, shaky or anxious, headaches, insomnia, palpitations, and sweating. There are more functional and beneficial ways to tackle depression, anxiety and stress. One of the main features of anxiety is an increase in activity in the sympathetic nervous system. This is responsible for the well known fight or flight action that our bodies react to. A tailored treatment can help bring your system back into its rest and relaxation state.

A large proportion of the people seen in the clinic are those who have what can be classed as musculoskeletal conditions. Simply put these are aches, pains and injuries to the body’s movement system. Predominantly this shows up as stiff and painful necks, shoulders, backs, hips and knees. This will also include repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) such as tennis elbow. Almost all the cases presented are due to what can be termed as a biomechanical imbalance. Biomechanics is a concept which links the structure and function of movement in humans and other endoskeletal animals.

Humans as “Biopeds” or two footed upright animals, have a more complicated integrated structure than most animals. This makes our biomechanics that much more sensitive to disfunction. Every movement we make from walking to lifting a glass to our mouth incorporates a complex integration of nerves, muscles, fascia, tendons and bone to realise that movement. There is not a movement in the body that can take place without the integrated whole. It is not possible for the arm to lift up the glass without the shoulder stabilising the arm, the upper back stabilising the shoulder, the lower back stabilising the upper back and so on and so on. This deeply complex system therefore has a great range to go wrong. And often the place where we feel the pain is only a link in the long biomechanical chain and so may often not be the place where the injury has actually taken place. For chronic injuries, without rehabilitative care, the body may well fall back into the pattern that caused the issue. For acute injuries we may need to find a way to de-tangle the complex involvement of muscle groups further up or down the system. For an assessment and to begin your path to recovery make contact now.

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”  

Thomas Dekker 

As with many aspects of our health, sleep is taken for granted as a functional  process that we all do. For those who have poor sleep, have difficulty in getting off to sleep or wake regularly, it can be debilitating and be a source of a constant stress. Sleep can be affected by many other seemingly unrelated issues. Worry and stress will often interrupt sleep as well as an overactive mind buzzing away, bladder issues, sharing a bed with a snoring partner and late night use of screen technology all contribute to us not getting the right amount of Z’s we need every day. A good nights sleep may not be as elusive as you may feel. Call or email now to find out how a tailored treatment could be of benefit to you.

This includes both male sexual health such as erectile issues and female reproductive health. Including IVF support and gynaecological problems such as; polycystic ovaries, stopped, late and painful periods.  Here Lisa, a previous client describes her experience; “I suffered from PCOs since I was a teenager and that became an issue when I tried to get pregnant. I heard that acupuncture could help but I’ve never tried it before so I didn’t know what to expect. Jake explained to me how a tailored programme could help my PCO and set up very realistic goals for the treatment to achieve, which was very reassuring. In just 4 sessions (1 a week) my periods went from 80 days long to 35 and with a total of 2 courses of treatment they went down to 30. Although I could see the progress made, we decided to try IVF so Jake designed an specific course of treatment for me to help me deal with the stress of the whole process and also more specifically with egg production and then additional help for egg implantation. Our first IVF was a success and we now have a gorgeous little girl. Being successful the first time is not very common and I’m sure we have the treatments to thank for it”. Click the button below to find out how a tailored treatment could be of benefit to you.